Top tips and answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is Crazy Color® vegan friendly and cruelty free?

At Crazy Color®, we understand that our customers want to make ethical and informed choices. Crazy Color® is cruelty-free which means none of our products have been tested on animals. Crazy Color® is also free from any animal ingredient or animal derived ingredients which makes it vegan friendly. 

Do I have to have to perform a strand test before using Crazy Color® products?

It is advised to strand test before using any Crazy Color® Semi Permanent Hair Color Creams and the Crazy Color® Bleaching Kit. Read our guide on carrying out a strand test here. 

How do I check if I am allergic to the products?

Crazy Color® is PPD free, and made with a gentle plant based formulation so we don’t often find our clients having adverse reactions. However you should always perform a patch test with any new hair products being introduced from the Semi Permanent Colors to the Shampoo’s.

Do I have to pre-lighten my hair?

Crazy Color® works best on hair that has been pre-lightened to a level 9 or 10. To illustrate the difference in tones please see the guide below:

However using shades of Crazy Color® which are darker on levels 4 -7 will give an all over tone to the hair for example:

  • Vermillion Red
  • Cyclamend
  • Peacock Blue
  • Pine Green
  • Aubergine
  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • Hot Purple
  • Ruby Rouge
  • Sapphire
  • Black
  • Natural Black

I dyed my hair purple using one of the Crazy Color® shades, and now my hair has faded out to blue how to I get rid of the blue?

Basic color theory will show that a blue base is needed to make a purple shade, the blue undertone in any purple shade is the last to fade out. This kind of color needs to be topped up every couple of weeks to stop the fade. Make sure you aren’t using a hair care routine that strips out your color. Find out about our aftercare recommendations here. If the issue is the color blue staying in the hair when you want it removed you should use a sachet of Crazy Color® Back to Base Remover. This will remove any unwanted color and take the hair back to shade it was pre-lightened to. If the issue is the color blue staying in the hair when you want it removed you should use a clarifying shampoo with warm water this will fade it to a pastel blue quickly. You should then let the color fade naturally or consult a hair stylist to remove it. You can also at this stage add a pink or red Crazy Color® over the pale blue to neutralize the tone leaving you with a whole new color!